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Our Members – Bhavika Depala

Bhavika launched Art Rickshaw in 2012 to revive and promote traditional hand crafted art from around the world, an idea that was born when she came across the most exquisite silk embroideries in Asia on a back packing trip. With a passion for Art & Textiles, Bhavika has a keen eye for distinctive pieces rich in culture and history and wants to make available the finest hand crafted art from far to reach places to an untapped audience seeking inspiration for the rare, unusual and unique.

Art Rickshaw is committed to reviving exceptional craftsmanship that uses traditional tools, techniques and skills handed down through generations and which take several years to master and perfect.

Each art piece brings much joy to our customers knowing the long journey it has made from the industrious hands of the highly skilled artisans into a beautifully finished contemporary artwork ready to embellish the walls, add to any collection and helping to keep these symbolic art forms very much alive.

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