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AWAD CEO and Founder to lead panel discussion at Art New York

Thursday, May 4th, 2017

AWAD is delighted to collaborate with Art New York for the 2017 fair edition with a panel discussion that addresses the intersection of art, women and tech. The conversation will not only look at who is already embracing tech, as seen in art and selling vehicles alike, but also the opportunities that digital innovation presents to women in the sector.

The discussion, Women Disrupting the Art World will be moderated by AWAD Founder & CEO, Susan Mumford. Join this interactive discussion between Susan, Colleen Marie Foley, Artist,
Alex Darby, from New Inc, and Kelani Nichole,  from Transfer Gallery. They’ll explore opportunities and challenges presented by technology, all the while uncovering how women are embracing digital to disrupt culture.

The panel will be held on Sat. May 6th 2.00pm – 2.45pm at Art New York.

News from our Suppliers: Online back up options & which is the best for your business

Thursday, April 3rd, 2014


Francesca Geens of Digital Dragonfly tackles in this Q&A one of the key needs for businesses to ensure continuity in the case of a computer / network failure: Online back up. This is also one of the topics that Francesca will cover in her upcoming workshop hosted by AWAD on 25th June, ‘Top tech tips for the art dealer on the go: Improve your productivity, flexibility and security’. To book this session that has very limited availability click here.

Q. I’m confused about the various online backup solutions on offer! How do I decide which one to use?

This is a question I tackle almost daily with my clients. We are all increasingly reliant on cloud services in one way or another but many clients are still not sure on how best to use the cloud for business and a surprising number of people still don’t have any backup plan in place at all. It doesn’t help that there are an almost endless list of cloud backup services on offer and it can be difficult to differentiate and decide on the best one for you.

My golden backup rule is that if your data is mission critical you need to have it in more than one place. The cloud is perfect for this and I always recommend you backup to a removable hard-drive as well as the services listed below.

Also think about the different types of data that you have. For example work documents are different from your music collection or your photographs. This article is focused on your work documents. (more…)

News from our Suppliers: From technophobe to tech ninja… Digital Dragonfly launches a new package for independent professionals

Monday, August 12th, 2013

Digital Dragonfly recently launched a new monthly package designed to turn any business owner from a technophobe into a tech ninja. Helping you with all of your IT needs, questions and problems Digital Dragonfly offers a simple cash-flow friendly plan allowing you to get your business technology totally sorted, giving you peace of mind, boosting productivity and optimising the way you work. Ask Francesca about the special offer for AWAD members.

Digital Dragonfly’s newsletter is also a must read… Check below for an example of their no-nonsense practical advice and in plain English…

Thinking of buying a new computer? STOP!

Some people think buying hardware will solve all their technology problems. Lets be clear- if your system basics aren’t in place then buying brand new hardware is not going to make a difference. So what should be investing your time and money in first?

1. Back it up

If you think its OK to store everything on one small USB stick that I can assure you it will be lost one day, you won’t have it on you when you need it or you will forget to back up to it the one time it really matters. You need cloud and a decent hard-drive. And if are still not backing up at all – yes, that means you – cancel whatever you were planning on doing next and get it sorted. Right now. (more…)

News from Our Suppliers: Digital Dragonfly announce a new website and range of services

Sunday, October 7th, 2012

Digital Dragonfly, AWAD’s favourite Technology Consultancy, got a whole lot better over the summer, with a new website, new blog and new packages all with the freelance business owner in mind. The original menu of services has been expanded to include monthly maintenance packages for the first time. So whether you want Office 365/Google Apps support, unlimited troubleshooting, essential maintenance or ongoing consultancy we’ve got a package just for you! Digital Dragonfly are still offering my popular free 15-minute diagnostic so no excuses for not loving your computer!

News from Our Suppliers: ‘Love your business? Love your email!’ by Digital Dragonfly

Sunday, June 10th, 2012


‘Love your business? Love your email!’ is presented by Digital Dragonfly, AWAD’s favourite Technology Consultancy.


Whether you like it or not email is at the heart of every business these days. Developing good habits in managing your emails will make a huge difference in your productivity and business success. My top tips: 

1. Don’t use a @yahoo, @hotmail, @gmail or any other free email account to run your business.

2. Keep personal and business emails separate.

3. Use your domain name for a custom business email account. For example on my business cards and which I have on my website but they all feed into the same inbox.


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