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Karin Weber Gallery, Hong Kong, presents Dreams and Reality, a selection of works on paper (12 Nov-3 Dec)

Thursday, November 15th, 2012


Images courtesy of the Karin Weber Gallery


Karin Weber Gallery presents Dreams and Reality, a selection of works on paper by ROBERT CLINCH, LUCA CRUZAT, BOBIT SEGISMUNDO & CARMEN NG from 12th November to 3rd December

Robert Clinch works on aluminum plates which he scratches across upon completion of the editions. His beautifully hand drawn lithographs seem to be carefully observed rendering of reality, but originating in his imagination. He borrows details from plein-air drawing he does in real locations, adapting these to form his fictional world.

Luca Cruzat calls her technique collagraphy printing. Assembling unusual materials with interesting textures, she makes use of a sewing machine to create patterns of tiny perforations on the plates. Then she translates the texture of perforation into lines on paper.

Bobit Segismundo is proficient in incorporating some of the masters’ elements into his works such as the mystery of da Vinci, the emotion of Bacon, the cubism of Picasso and sadness of Kahlo, but creating his own identity and giving the viewer a sense of amusement.

Carmen Ng creates her fantasy world by linking up familiar materials from human life in an unusual and humourous way. She portrays herself in various situations and dream is always the source of her inspiration.

For more information contact Karin Weber Gallery

Karin Weber presents a new gallery artist, printmaker Robert Clinch

Monday, June 11th, 2012
Image: Solitaire by Robert Clinch (Courtesy of the Karin Weber Gallery)


Robert Clinch is a new Australian artist showing work at the Karin Weber Gallery. Robert is a highly accomplished printmaker creating stunning, moody lithographs. The artist’s works are collected by private and corporate buyers and his works are in several museums. For more images click here or contact  Karin Weber Gallery.

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