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This August, Degree Art presents Repre, A Collaboration in Identity and Representation in Paint

Saturday, August 17th, 2013


Repre are a group of artists that share a common vision to capture and depict reality. From the body to the landscape, each artist is concerned with not only depicting the real, but exploring the boundaries of realism within their practice. There are a variety of ideas that the artists are driven by such as surface, mass media, atmosphere or the deconstruction of reality, these themes will provide the basis for the residency and will give an insight into the role of realism within each artist’s work.

The group welcomes all members of the public to fully engage with the collaborative processes, through visiting the gallery, social media and taking part in workshops.

Life Drawing with 3 Models ran by Rebecca Molloy. 10 August – 1-3pm. £5 – Please book and bring your own materials.

Oil Painting workshop with Jemma Grundon and Julie Bennett. 17 August – 1-3pm. £20 – Please book and materials will be provided.

Painting workshop with Patrick Simkins. 24 August – 1 – 4pm. £7. Please book and materials will be provided.

For more information click here.

In All Directions, a residency coming up at DegreeArt Gallery

Tuesday, March 19th, 2013

DegreeArt Gallery has an exciting new residency coming up! Unit 3 Projects; ‘In All directions’ is comprised of 10 diverse artists who will work with, beside, around and against one another in DegreeArt’s ‘The Execution Room’ in order to engage themselves and you in an experimental and haphazard creative conversation. Taking ‘gesture’ as its central theme, ‘In All Directions’ is a celebration of possibility, exchange and risk. The residency begins March 24th and continues through to May 5th, with various other exciting events from the artists throughout their time in the gallery. For any further information, contact DegreeArt Gallery .

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