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ALLOY featuring Katherine Tzu-Lan Mann at Laura Korman Gallery in LA

Sunday, November 6th, 2016

Laura Korman Gallery is pleased to present, Alloy, an exhibition of new works by Washington DC based artist, Katherine Tzu-Lan Mann, whose work Dunhuang VIII is shown here courtesy of the artist and Laura Korman Gallery.

The exhibition is on view until January 21, 2017 at Laura Korman Gallery Bergamot Station Arts Center, Santa Monica.

Alloys are typically defined as substances which are composed of two or more metals intimately mixed as by fusion. This notion of “intimate mixing” is key to Mann’s artistic practice. Her energetic abstractions are synthetic in nature – pulling inspiration from diverse sources, Mann skillfully mixes media and imagery not traditionally used in concert. Drawing inspiration from a recent visit to the ancient site of the Mogao Caves situated on the Dunhuang oasis on the edge of the Gobi Desert, Mann presents us with a collection of works that continue her exploration into the delicate balances between void and abundance, chaos and order, and creation and destruction. To read more click here.

SPECTRUM a group show at Laura Korman Gallery open now and until October 29th in LA

Thursday, July 28th, 2016


Image: A work by Maureen McQuillan (courtesy of the artist and Laura Korman Gallery)


Laura Korman Gallery is pleased to exhibit artists Cara Barer, Heather Carisch, James Lecce, Katherine Tzu-Lan Mann, Maureen McQuillan, Kristina Quinones, and Randall Stoltzfus in the group exhibition, SPECTRUM. The exhibition will be on view through October 29, 2016, with a public reception on Saturday, July 30th, from 5-8 p.m.

SPECTRUM brings together seven artists from across the country with vastly different practices, who are united by their intrepid handling of color as an evocative agent of expression.

In James Lecce’s psychedelic paintings, color and form fluidly intertwine in elegant, swirling compositions that simultaneously recall Art Nouveau patterning, Op Art, action painting, rock formations and pools of water. These works are a marriage of intuitive painting and methodical planning, achieved by pouring acrylic pigments one-by-one onto the canvas, building up multiple layers, some of which he manipulates with his brush, some of which he allows to move freely across the surface, creating a constant play between control and chance.

Maureen McQuillan adopts a similarly labor-intensive method – slowly and repetitively laying ink lines in layers of polychromatic acrylic. By manipulating these materials to fold and bend into ribbon-like spirals, the colorful optic patterns seem to suggest the infinitely small structures that underlie all living things. One can’t help but think of the double helix of DNA or a flower petal beneath a microscope when looking at McQuillan’s poetic images.


The Cynthia Corbett Gallery is at the LA Art Show 2016

Thursday, January 21st, 2016

The Cynthia Corbett Gallery is exhibiting at the LA Art Show 2016 that is taking place from 27 to 31 January at the LA Convention Center. This will be followed by an exhibition presenting Young Masters at the Ron Robinson flagship store in Santa Monica, featuring also a party during Oscar Week. For more information contact the Cynthia Corbett Gallery.

Highlights from ParisPhoto LA by Peppa Martin, truth and beauty gallery, Vancouver

Monday, May 4th, 2015
We are grateful to Peppa Martin, owner of the truth and beauty gallery in Vancouver, Canada, for writing about ParisPhoto LA 2015 ‘live’ from the fair. Follow Peppa on Twitter & Periscope for more information

The venerable ParisPhoto international art fair held annually in November, migrated west to Los Angeles three years ago, adding this new spring event to the art world calendar and attracting a new crop of exhibiting galleries with greater proximity to the west coast.

Long a cultural hub for contemporary art, Los Angeles is a good fit for gathering the global photography community, affording better geographic access to the fair’s North American outpost for enthusiastic collectors from South America and the Pacific rim.

Landing (partially) in the cavernous sound stages of Paramount Studios in Hollywood, this version of ParisPhoto bears little aesthetic resemblance to it’s glorious sister fair in the elegant Beaux-Arts Grand Palais on Avenue Winston Churchill. Any modernist west coast references are haplessly lost along the faux cobblestone ‘streets’ of an ersatz New York backlot— a tired and dusty old film set wherein a young Brando would have stumbled out a doorway. Venue aside, much of the work was good.

Highlights from ParisPhoto LA

Many of the well established artists comfortably ensconced at the Paris show were noticeably absent, however in their place were pieces from less self-conscious talent, newer to the scene.
Among the notable was the Unglee solo show at Christophe Gaillard with composite panels of Polaroid prints of tulips, contrasted with enlarged newspaper obituaries describing various invented lives and deaths of the artist himself.
Winnipegger Diana Thorneycroft’s diorama’s involving dolls against backdrops appropriated from iconic paintings, at once darkly humourous and foreboding, were a feat of both construction and photographic execution.

Lui Bolin, from Beijing, at NYCs Klein Sun Gallery attracted a conversational crowd to his protest images, as did the intensely sublime collodion prints of constructed narratives by Alex Timmermans at Voila Gallery [image below courtesy of Peppa Martin on Instagram].

No fair is complete without its selection of booksellers, and here were nine — including biggies Aperture, DAP and Mack with their respective stellar lineup of authors signing monographs.  Alec Soth, Julie Blackmon, Danny Singer, and art darling Mona Kuhn were among Saturday’s roster of artists greeting while autographing.

Younger, smaller and more restless than its continental counterpart, this year’s iteration of ParisPhoto LA was memorable for its youthful bravado and impartial variety.

Make-believe Gotham notwithstanding, the California vibe was as much on display as the art and bleached blondes.

* * * * * * *

Curious about the fair?
Watch the short videos Peppa Martin live-streamed via Periscope to twitter: @4truthandbeauty

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