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From our Partner Annabel Kaye of Irenicon: How the Uber decision affects your team

Tuesday, November 1st, 2016
This article was written by Annabel Kaye, Founder of Irenicon,  AWAD’s Partner in the field of Human Resources & Legal Support


Sometimes a legal decision comes along that really is a game changer – at least for some. This week’s employment tribunal decision has caused quite a stir. Uber has been paying drivers as ‘self-employed’ and has not taken on board that there are 3 categories of worker in the UK;

1 – Genuinely in business (self-employed)
2 – Worker
3 – Employee

Like so many other organisations Uber has forgotten the one in the middle.

While Uber is going to appeal the decision, it is highly unlikely the will succeed and the result of this is that they have to face claims for national minimum wage, statutory holiday and more. For more information on what how we got here and what this means in general check here.

There are tests that are applied to who is self-employed and who is a worker. It’s not a simple as saying – you are self-employed.

If you are paying regular freelancers in the UK please claim your free review from our specialist team. Irenicon’s KoffeeKlatch service is all about the freelancers you pay. Just click here and claim your confidential free review. You will get some questions to answer and you can send your contract back for an honest opinion on whether you need to change what you are doing. When answering the questions please make sure you add in that you are an AWAD member, so that you get priority place in the review system.

If you are not using any form of contracts, you need to protect your business (and your freelancers) from unexpected problems. As AWAD members you can claim your AWAD discount on all KoffeeKlatch agreements (for more information & the discount code click here). They start at £35+VAT (before you apply your discount code). Have a look at the contract options here. They come in three options – basic, brandable, and editable. For more information on what support is included in each option check here.

Don’t ignore this legal decision. You could be running up substantial liabilities for the future. Now is a great time to get yourself straightened out.

Image courtesy of Unsplash

AWAD welcomes a new Partner for our London Chapter: Irenicon, HR and Legal Support

Monday, April 4th, 2016

AWAD, the Association of Women Art Dealers, is pleased to welcome a new Partner to our London Chapter, Irenicon HR and Legal Support for today’s business owner.

Irenicon started supporting clients in 1980 and has been doing so ever since.

As your gallery grows, you suddenly become a manager, an administrator and lots of things take you further and further away from what you love. 95% of a typical art dealer’s revenue comes from sales – but problems with your team can take away time from generating revenue.

You may have even accidentally become your own HR and legal department without even realising it. We help you focus on what you love. We help you manage and contract your people so you are not constantly distracted by problem individuals.

Creating a great team is like curating a great exhibition – there are lots of elements that need to be done in the background so that it all hangs together. You know there will be lean times as well as abundant times. You need the right contracts in place to protect you and your business so you can flex as you need to.

You understand that your art dealership is the ultimate lifestyle business, your family understands it too, but they’d just like to see a bit more of you. But that’s not going to happen if your team are arguing.

Our job is to help you with the pieces you need – when you need them. Click here to access ‘Working with Friends Family and Interns’ (free) and to claim your free advice.

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