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News from our Partners at Irenicon: GDPR What does it mean for your gallery?

Tuesday, September 12th, 2017

This article was written by Annabel Kaye, Founder of Irenicon, and KoffeeKlatch  AWAD’s Partner in the field of Human Resources & Legal Support.

Image courtesy of Markus Spiske via Unsplash

You are going to hear a lot about GDPR – the General Data Protection Regulations that come into effect in the UK in May 2018 along with the rest of the EU.  There are some things you really need to know to protect your business.


Data is in your gallery business is like cash in your house

Think of the way you currently handle your client data as if you were dealing with cash they left in your house.   The data your customers share with you is money they leave in your house.    It’s their money but they let you keep it for them.

Inside your house is a safe where you put the high-value items and the things you don’t want visitors to see.     You don’t put everything there.  It is a nuisance to get it in and out of the safe every time you need it.  But if it is sensitive, confidential or money you keep it in the safe.

You don’t leave your doors and windows open with cash on the kitchen table.   When you are on holiday or away from your house you take care that your safe is locked and the burglar alarms are on.  You don’t just pack up everything in the house and take it on holiday with you in case it comes in handy.

You move cash and documents around inside your house and you assume it is OK with your customer if you move their stuff from one room to another.  You assume that as long as it stays in your house that’s fine.


GDPR affects anyone doing business in Europe

Brexit is not going to get the UK out of this.  Anyone doing business in Europe is going to have to pay attention to this.


GDPR is a whole rebuild of how you think about permission

GDPR is a whole new way of looking at what permissions you need when to do what.   You are not going to be able to say – they came to my house so of course, I had permission to take all their cash.   Implied permission (they must have wanted me to do that) and a lot of well-established marketing techniques and mailing lists are going to need an overhaul.   Nor can you assume that because they visited the kitchen you have permission to take their cash to the bedroom.

You can rebuild in good time for the changes – and start looking at how you handle all this data that comes in and out of your data house, or you can hope for the best.

What’s your plan?

If you need to think about this, do not hesitate to contact  Annabel Kaye, Founder of Irenicon, and KoffeeKlatch  AWAD’s Partner in the field of Human Resources & Legal Support

AWAD welcomes a new Partner for our London Chapter: Irenicon, HR and Legal Support

Monday, April 4th, 2016

AWAD, the Association of Women Art Dealers, is pleased to welcome a new Partner to our London Chapter, Irenicon HR and Legal Support for today’s business owner.

Irenicon started supporting clients in 1980 and has been doing so ever since.

As your gallery grows, you suddenly become a manager, an administrator and lots of things take you further and further away from what you love. 95% of a typical art dealer’s revenue comes from sales – but problems with your team can take away time from generating revenue.

You may have even accidentally become your own HR and legal department without even realising it. We help you focus on what you love. We help you manage and contract your people so you are not constantly distracted by problem individuals.

Creating a great team is like curating a great exhibition – there are lots of elements that need to be done in the background so that it all hangs together. You know there will be lean times as well as abundant times. You need the right contracts in place to protect you and your business so you can flex as you need to.

You understand that your art dealership is the ultimate lifestyle business, your family understands it too, but they’d just like to see a bit more of you. But that’s not going to happen if your team are arguing.

Our job is to help you with the pieces you need – when you need them. Click here to access ‘Working with Friends Family and Interns’ (free) and to claim your free advice.

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