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Reflections at Maestro Arts, Wandsworth

Tuesday, January 19th, 2016

Reflections, the new exhibition at Maestro Arts, features new works by acclaimed artist and stage director Patrick Kinmonth including ‘Involuntary Reflex I’ shown here courtesy of Maestro Arts. Kinmonth is a true example of a Maestro Arts artist, in the words of Anna Wintour at Vogue Italia, a ‘true renaissance man’, he works in many disciplines creating artworks, designing and directing ballet and opera, in addition to curating exhibitions. For more information click here or contact Maestro Arts,

A new group show opens this week at Maestro Arts, Wandsworth Riverside

Monday, December 7th, 2015

Maestro Arts presents a new group show featuring paintings and sculptures by Alexander Polzin, Patrick KinmonthClaude Troin, Joan DubiqueGeorge Nama and Jane Farrington. The exhibition opens with Christmas drinks and preview on 9th December and will then run until 23rd February. For more information about theexhibition or to attend contact Maestro Arts.

The Poems of Charles Simić read by Ruth Rosen at Maestro Arts on 18/June

Friday, May 22nd, 2015
Images from an earlier event at Maestro Arts & courtesy of the gallery


The Poems of Charles Simić will be read by Ruth Rosen at Maestro Arts on 18/June at 7pm  exploring the portfolios, poetry and prints produced by George Nama with Alfred Brendel and Charles Simić.

To attend click here

The British Council has described Ruth Rosen as one of England’s leading poetry and prose performers.  She has devised and delivered a series of lunchtime performances at the Tate, that have received the following press reviews:

 “She has cornered the market in poetry reading” 

The Sunday Times

 “A splendid evening, a fascinating programme… She held the audience enthralled”

 The Evening Standard

Adrian Brendel2

George Sama


Maestro Arts presents George Nama’s ‘Poetic Images’ (16 Apr-24 Jun)

Tuesday, April 14th, 2015

Maestro Arts presents George Nama’s ‘Poetic Images’ an exhibition at their Wandsworth gallery space from 16th April to 24th June. For more information, contact Maestro Arts.

American artist George Nama makes books and paints in books.  In this, his first exhibition in the UK, he has collaborated with poet and pianist Alfred Brendel and with the 13th American Poet Laureate, Charles Simić, to produce limited edition portfolios of poems with original artworks.  Each is a boxed, handmade collection of limited edition etchings on Arches Vellum paper, prints are signed by Nama, with each volume being signed by the author; typically thirty-two are produced.

In preparing for a portfolio, Nama produces a series of original artworks, responding to the poems through drawings and gouaches.  His works, like poetry, send thoughts in unexpected directions, connecting remote layers and associations.  The resulting artworks, reflect the diversity of these two great poets; Charles Simić and Alfred Brendel.

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