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Anise Gallery presents Daniel Mullen’s ‘Constructing the Future’ in June

Wednesday, May 25th, 2016

Anise Gallery presents artist Daniel Mullen (one of whose works is shown here courtesy of the artist and Anise Gallery) for his first show at the gallery, ‘Constructing the Future’, which sees the artist develop his practice exploring space, line and form. There are clear aesthetic influences from futurism and the Dutch ‘de Stijl’ movement, bringing both in line with contemporary messages and contexts.

Mullen’s work transcends the flat space of the canvas and invites the viewer into a new realm which is not explicit, creating access into a wider spectrum of the possible, and the imaginary. Again employing concepts developed by the likes of Mondrian in the De Stijl movement, we see the artist’s work materialising the term ‘neo-plasticism’, referring to a branch of abstraction which uses horizontal and vertical lines and mostly primary colours. For more information click here.

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