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Saturday, September 9th, 2017

The Garvey|Simon Gallery and the Fox Gallery NYC are pleased to present Jeanette Fintz: Worldline Schreiber Paintings….Plus on view at Garvey|Simon Gallery. The exhibition features a groundbreaking new series of work entitled Worldline Schreiber. 

The show is curated by Annette Benda Fox, and runs from September 7 – October 7, 2017.  This is the artist’s fifth solo show in New York City. A full color catalog with essay by Carter Ratcliff accompanies the show. Ratcliff has this to say about Fintz’s work – “As manifold images arise from the artist’s fields of white, universal being in its all-encompassing generality takes on specific and thereby vital form.  The Worldline Schreiber paintings are revelatory.  Charging inorganic geometries with the richness of personal experience, they hold up metaphorical mirrors to the shifting complexities and clarities of our individual lives.”


Image Jeanette Fintz – Illusion of Separation #8, 2017 

Fox Gallery POP UP EXHIBIT Atara Baker Assemblages: The persistent power of the primal – March 29th and March 30 6-8PM

Tuesday, March 29th, 2016
Image courtesy of Fox Gallery

While walking through MoMA’s recent historic Picasso sculpture exhibit, Annette Benda Fox, Fox Gallery’s Salon Director, was once again struck by the impact non-western (African, Oceanic) art exerted upon modern art in the 20th century. From Picasso’s revolutionary Les Demoiselles d’Avignon through Brancusi, Paul Klee, Giacometti, David Smith, Henry Moore,  John Michel-Basquiat, and others, primal energy has imbued the artist’s vision and work. Fox first observed this while cataloging African and Oceanic art for Sotheby’s and was deeply affected by the works’ emotional power, beauty and symbolism.

With this POP UP exhibit of assemblages by Atara Baker, Fox Gallery shares an artist whose work personifies this power. Baker’s work is inspired by her 10 year stay in South Africa studying the art and  culture of the Bushman (San) people of the Kalahari Desert. In her work, Baker integrates the primal, the spiritual and the symbolic.  Her assemblages are hand built layers of paint, found objects, post industrial hardware and burlap. Her colors are earthy, rich and sensual.  Baker credits her mentor Bill Ainslie who taught her to be faithful to what she saw and to respond in a sensorial, rather than intellectual way.

Elizabeth Gourlay ~ TEMPO at Fox Gallery NYC until February February 13th, 2016

Monday, January 25th, 2016


Fox Gallery NYC  presents a solo exhibition of Elizabeth Gourlay’s  artwork created over the two-year period between 2013 – 2015.  Travels to Spoleto and Berlin during this time influenced  her ideas of color and form .

Gourlay presents us with deceptively simple and strong compositions.  If one carefully looks at her work, the reward is in the revealing of complex structures at once playful and serious.  From within paint, collage, ink and graphite emerge her love of music, architecture and nature.   Rich in emotional content,  these elements drive her compositions,  color combinations, layering of line and form filtered through a broad range of cultural influences and art making techniques.

For more on the artist visit

Selected works by Elizabeth Gourlay (2013-2015) at the Fox Gallery NYC

Monday, October 19th, 2015

Fox Gallery NYC present their first solo exhibition of Elizabeth Gourlay’s  mixed media paintings (including Improvisation, shown here courtesy of Fox Gallery NYC) and gouaches produced between 2013 – 2015.  In addition, she has created a print for this occasion. Click HERE for press release, HERE for exhibition images HERE for NEW! virtual tour. Click HERE for Gourlay exhibition catalog.

Gourlay’s compositions are playful and serious, mysterious, meditative and stimulating. She has stated “I am attempting to present something that conveys a feeling, emotional content while using simple structures”. Her compositions speak of Gourlay’s love of music, architecture and nature filtered through a broad range of cultural influences and accomplished art making techniques.

About the artist

ELIZABETH GOURLAY received her MFA from Yale University. She is the recipient of several grants and fellowships, including two Individual Artist State Grants from the DECD/Connecticut Office of the Arts. Gourlay traveled to paint on the Andrew Grant Traveling Scholarship while at Edinburgh college of Art and had three fellowships at the Vermont Studio Center. (more…)

Spring Exhibit at Fox Gallery NYC feat. Jeanne Strausman and William Dilworth opens on 21st April

Thursday, April 16th, 2015

The Spring Exhibition at the Fox Gallery NYC will feature work by Jeanne Strausman and William Dilworth. This exhibit will be open until July and the full press release is available HERE. Click HERE for the Dilworth exhibition catalog and HERE for Strausman exhibition catalog. For an appointment to see the work, please contact

WILLIAM DILWORTH’s colorful and dynamic abstractions command our attention and encourage us to seek a narrative.  His paintings on Formica both assault and engage us with the same energy he states that he found working with this uncommon material 30 years ago.  “…I found that painting on Formica was liberating. ….it was ideally suited for oil paint, proving to be completely stable and amazingly versatile. (Formica) holds what I want it to keep and allows for what I don’t want to be entirely erasable.”  Dilworth credits  “the freedom of DeKooning, the care and spareness of Ryman and the draughtsmanship of Marden as the most important influences for his artmaking.

JEANNE STRAUSMAN collects and creates memories.  From her treasure trove of tarnished papers, old handwriting, bits of textiles, and dried organic material, Strausman carefully constructs settings for story telling.  She has stated that her work reflects her interests in nature, women’s issues and American History. To that end, Strausman’s collages read as intimate assemblages and dreamlike echoes of personal and collective histories, or stories passed down.

(More information on each artist is available via the press release HERE)

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