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Silk Road 455. 2019. 18x18

ODETTA presents Joanne Mattera’s From Dawn to Dusk & Steven Baris in the Flat Files

ODETTA is pleased to present From Dawn to Dusk – October 15 – November 16, 2019 at the 1st Dibs Gallery.

The exhibit intimates the course of light’s changes through a day in Joanne Mattera’s encaustic paintings, developed both from the artist’s imagination and from years of observing color in nature.

From morning’s first light, with traces of pinks and violets, into blues, greens, high noon’s purest yellows and reds, and receding into twilight’s violets and flashes of oranges with the sun’s final sizzle at the end of the day, we share an awareness of color’s ability to guide us through time.

As the viewer moves through this installation, the paintings shift between Minimalistic fields of color to near-landscapes at once suggesting water and sky. This undefined moment transports the viewer to the unknown, the space where imagining begins, the essence of Color Field painting. Getting lost in this environment is a welcome respite for the eye and the brain.

ODETTA is excited to present works by Steven Baris in our Flat Files. Opening each drawer in the cabinet delivers related works on a micro-scale that offer an element of surprise with the range of dimensionality and innovation each artist brings to this intimately-scaled curated space. This installation of six paintings on mylar is a solo exhibition within the larger space. These two artists have shown their works and shared galleries on numerous occasions in their careers. We’re pleased to bring them together for the first time at ODETTA.

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