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Joshua Goode’s ‘Rhoman Ruins’ opening at Ivy Brown Gallery

Ivy Brown Gallery invites you to explore the mystery and intrigue behind Joshua Goode’s ‘Rhoman Ruins’ opening Tuesday, September 10, 6-8pm.

Few know that the origins of the Bermuda Triangle myth began in New York City on a triangular piece of land that eventually became the foundation of the Triangle Building in the Meatpacking District.

Mystery and intrigue has long surrounded the Triangle Building, but the truly fantastical stories pre-date the building by thousands of years to the time of the ancient Aurora-Rhomans. Joshua Goode is currently excavating the ruins of a pre-historic zoo deep below the foundations of the Triangle Building that held creatures believed to live solely in the imagination. Majestic bronze sculptures of these mythical creatures and ornate altarpieces were left as prayer offerings which also included ritual human sacrifice. 

The Native Americans were familiar with these legends and shared them with the European settlers but as time went on the Europeans were eager to distance themselves from the curious creatures and sacrifices and pushed the mystique to the far south and Bermuda. But the stories still live on in our collective memory and reflections remain in today’s popular culture.

Ivy Brown Gallery in the historic Triangle Building will reveal some of these fantastical discoveries of the original mysterious triangle to the public for the first time.

The exhibition runs September 10 – October 15th.


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