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Jacqueline Jubert Landscape

Architectural Endeavours: an interview with Jacquelyn Jubert, Co-Founder of Anise Gallery

Jacquelyn Jubert co-founded Anise Gallery with her partner Joseph Robson in 2012. Drawing on Jacquelyn’s passion for architecture and experience working with renowned architect Piers Gough, Anise Gallery is deeply dedicated to promoting the relationship between art, architecture, and technology. Through participating in annual high profile architectural events such as the London Festival of Architecture and Open House London and curating its own Summer Graduate Show, Anise Gallery has firmly cemented itself as a stronghold for the thought-provoking field of architectural art.

The gallery stages an ongoing program of exhibitions, events and talks and contributes to the Architecture in Schools program. 

Services offered include art sales, venue hire and Virtual Reality (VR) services. 

Stephanie Yeap spoke with Jacquelyn at the Royal Society of Arts (RSA) in London…

1. Describe your business in 5 words

Firstly, I’d definitely say architectural. Secondly, we’re quite forward-thinking and act upon good ideas quickly, so in that way we’re nimble. Next, we’re always open to new opportunities, which is a fun way to work. Last yet not least, thinking about a recent exhibition about gaming which was aimed at children, we’re light-hearted. 

2. What inspired you to pursue this career?

My partner Joe and I have always wanted to do something in the arts, but it’s been difficult. You think to yourself: WHEN do we do it? WHAT do we do?  It was literally having the opportunity to acquire a space for a gallery that led me here. 

I had worked in architecture for 10 years, and prior to that, having formally studied art, worked in the art world. However, it was through my other business, the architectural visualisation company AVR London, that gallery space became available and my partner and I had the opportunity to utilise it. And that was that; Anise Gallery was founded in 2012. As for the focus, we decided to combine my partner’s career as an architect and my own background in architecture. The space was one of the first architectural art galleries on the scene.

Additionally, we viewed opening the gallery as an effective way of broadening the other company’s scope as well. This worked out, and today, with the architectural business having an art gallery associated with it, we have an outlet for a more enjoyable side of work. 

3. What’s the most wonderful thing about the profession? 

That definitely has to be the people I get to meet, including artists and visitors alike. There are a lot of opportunities to meet people at the gallery, and it’s enjoyable to teach them about new ideas and more. 

4. And let’s get real… What’s the most challenging aspect of the profession?

Well, for us it has to be selling artwork. We set out wanting to be a commercial gallery and sell works, and we do, every now and then, but it’s not our key focus, nor is it our main source of income. We work hard to promote our artists, get their name out there and ultimately sell their work but the main source of income for the gallery comes through rentals. Hiring the space allows us to put on 4 or 5 of our own shows a year.

The result is that we have the opportunity to create some interesting programs and events while getting the name of our artists and the gallery out there. Right now, a big focus is about making a statement and becoming known for doing things differently.

 5. What’s the best piece of professional advice you’ve been given?

I think that the best advice I’ve been given is to say yes to every opportunity. Grab whatever you can and just do it, and see what happens. Even if you’re on your last legs, do it because you’ll never know what that will bring.

6. What do you now say to someone who is just starting out? (Maybe it’s that one thing you wish someone had told you!)

While a lot can be said, I’ll simply say this: enjoy every minute of it and have fun. Of course, it will be difficult but it’s important to have fun.

7. What challenge is the industry facing that art dealers need to address?

Well, from our perspective it’s that people don’t visit galleries anymore, as people are busy and a lot is happening. This is a general challenge in the field and is one of the reasons that we’re changing our program. We saw this happen a year ago and decided to host more events, give more talks, branch out and organise kids’ exhibitions – programs that would actually bring people to our space and get our name out there. You can’t just put on an exhibition and expect people to come. 

8. If you had to be one work of art, what would you be – and why?

I think an AI (Artificial Intelligence) artwork would suit me the most. A piece of AI work is continually being input with information, evolving, changing and adapting to the world around it, which is good fun. I thought about virtual artwork, but am not sure about getting stuck in a virtual world for too long. I also can’t imagine myself as a piece on a wall, so an AI artwork that’s constantly changing would definitely be best. 

9. What do you personally believe are the best advantages of being part of an association like AWAD, and how have you benefited?

Definitely the connections. I think Susan (the Founder and CEO) has been brilliant, she’s just someone you can approach with questions, and the network is great too. Sometimes I can’t attend events, which is annoying, but everything such as the network, opportunities, advice and the talks are great benefits. Finding a way to get the full benefit of the membership can be hard if you’re busy, but that’s the fault of a busy life. There are a lot of gallery tours and visits and I look forward to attending more someday.

10. How can you make the most out of being a member of a professional network?

Participate and contribute, give advice, take advice, and make friends.

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