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SNL at TG with Waves


AWAD, the Association of Women Art Dealers, is pleased to announce a new Member of our Global chapter, Susan Nagy Luks.

Art dealer, art publisher, and art business professional Translator, linguist, and educator.

A passionate love of the arts remains a driving force in her life, moved by and drawn to beautiful and inspiring images daily.

She emigrated to the US at the age of two as a political and religious refugee of the 1956 Hungarian Revolution, by escaping the Communist regime with her mother and five other family members. From Austria through Germany, she was delivered to New Jersey, where she was raised, and completed her elementary and high school education.

Pursuing interests in the fine arts and world travel, Nagy Luks returned to Hungary on an academic scholarship as an international student. She was accepted to the renowned University of Eotvos Lorand in Budapest, majoring in Hungarian and English Literature, Comparative and Applied Linguistics for a seven year period, in a country still at the height of communism.

Living in Europe, while being immersed in highly demanding university studies, Nagy Luks continued to follow emerging artists, and flocked to museums and gallery exhibitions of established artists and the Masters. Nagy Luks also took this opportunity to travel through Italy, France, Spain, Austria, Germany and Hungary, Romania, then Yugoslavia and Czechoslovakia, Poland and other countries. Having been exposed to some of the most beautiful fine art, sculpture and architecture created in human history, this extraordinary experience lay a solid foundation for her appreciation of all of the visual arts, and a great respect for the creative process.

Upon completing her Masters and Doctoral studies, she returned to the US eager and willing to make her mark on the world. After taking on various projects based on her academic background, and navigating early turns in the winding road of professional career-building, she entered the art world in 1983.

Looking back, this year was pivotal and a turning point, when Nagy Luks embarked on a new career as a Fine Art Consultant at a major gallery chain in Hawaii. Her many interests entwined, and she was able to fuse her passion for the arts with her well-rounded education. Quickly she became one of the most successful art consultants in the company, and later specialized in traveling exhibitions representing the works of the Modern Masters and many living artists.

Nagy Luks went on to manage galleries in Hawaii, Las Vegas, and later joined an art company based in Beverly Hills in the 1990’s, specializing in traveling exhibitions of the works of the Old and Modern Masters (i.e. Rembrandt, Renoir, Pissarro, Picasso, Matisse and others).

The contemporary division of this art company began handling living artists, such as actor Jane Seymour’s art work, among others, and Nagy Luks was given the task of developing this fine art program. As the program expanded and became evermore successful, Nagy Luks found the need to devote her full time to The Art of Jane Seymour, thus Coral Canyon Publishing was established in August, 2003.

Coral Canyon Publishing, LLC, is directed by Nagy Luks to this day, and is devoted to bringing the original and limited-edition art work of Jane Seymour to galleries across the nation, and the world.

Recently, Nagy Luks and Coral Canyon Publishing established the JS Art and Design Center at the Coral Canyon Publishing and Gallery Executive Offices in Westlake Village, CA, and services an international clientele.

Nagy Luks has been engaged in the business of art to the present day, and is currently residing in Southern California.

Visit Hanga Ten.

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