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Karin Weber Tina B Liberation

‘Concealed Spaces: New Works by Tina Buchholtz’ at Karin Weber Gallery, Hong Kong

Karin Weber Gallery is excited to kick off the Christmas season with ‘Concealed Spaces: New Works by Tina Buchholtz’, a German artist whose subject matter is contemporary society, its stresses, and its coping mechanisms. Buchholtz brings to the canvas tremendous depth, color and texture and suggests a world in constant motion. This chaos, however, is met in equal measure with what the artist refers to as ‘hiding places,’ or refuges for renewal.

“We are in a constant state of advance and retreat,” says Buchholtz. “Exploration is in our nature, and we are firmly focused on the future. And yet, this state of being requires a counter balance; a place to withdraw, rest and begin anew. Balancing extremes is the ultimate challenge for humankind in a contemporary world.” Concealed Spaces offers visualizations of Buchholtz’s own retreats and personal inner sanctums, including the work shown here ‘Liberation’, courtesy of Karin Weber Gallery.

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