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Maestro Arts Gregoire Pont

Gregoire Pont’s Cinesthetics at Maestro Arts Gallery, Wandsworth (23/Sep-3/Dec)

Cinesthetics is a performance concept developed by the prodigious illustrator and animator Grégoire Pont.  Working with musicians, Grégoire draws creating a unique, non-repeatable experience where music and motion interplay in a synaesthetic dance where sound is embodied and image is brought to life.  The exhibition is Grégoire’s first in the UK. For more information contact Maestro Arts.

About Grégoire Pont

Grégoire Pont is a well-known name in animation and characters (like the Cosmic Family or Les Excalibrius) are loved by children all over France. Projects that have embraced his great passion for classical music include the highly successful three year series PRESTO! for French national television, seen by audiences of over three million each week, which he carried out in collaboration with celebrated French conductor François-Xavier Roth.  He has been commissioned by the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art (Denmark) to create a short film to accompany the music of the living composer Guillaume Connesson entitled Disco-Toccata.  He is currently working on a production of a short film with the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art (Denmark) entitled Agoraphobic due to be released in the autumn.

Grégoire has just completed a very successful series of performances in Freiburg and Helsingborg and is currently working towards further productions, in Paris at the new Philharmonie de Paris, in Strasbourg and Tokyo.

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