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DegreeArt Contemporary Collective presents the debut Contemporary Collective curated exhibition presents the debut Contemporary Collective curated exhibition that showcases the work of a new generation of painters who are revitalising the traditional, yet evolving medium. ‘Painting the Future’ presents a range of styles and techniques, from gestural to minimalist, realism to abstraction, figurative to large-scale installation-based paintings and works that incorporate digital technology – presenting a panoramic view of the exciting talent emerging from today’s artists.

The exhibition includes works by Abigail Box, Alina Teodorescu, Anastasia Scudamore,Blandine Bardeau, Claire Luxton, Jonathan Richards, Luke Walker, Matthew Spencer,Ozlem Demirel, Romy Galloway, Sophie Derrick and Tom Waring. All the artists take the viewer beyond the surface to question; process, space, scale and colour, documenting the evolving trends, ideas and concerns within contemporary painting.

Contemporary artist Andre Hemer states “the painterly” shifts from belonging to a particular medium to operating across a range of visual modes. “The painterly is located in a visual way, still, but in terms of materiality it’s very ambiguous and between states.” Delving into this theory, ‘Between States’ demonstrates not only different levels of consciousness, but also explores the physical layers and processes involved in contemporary visual art, evoking an effortless flirtation between digital representation and the painted object.

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