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News from Our Suppliers: ‘Love your business? Love your email!’ by Digital Dragonfly


‘Love your business? Love your email!’ is presented by Digital Dragonfly, AWAD’s favourite Technology Consultancy.


Whether you like it or not email is at the heart of every business these days. Developing good habits in managing your emails will make a huge difference in your productivity and business success. My top tips: 

1. Don’t use a @yahoo, @hotmail, @gmail or any other free email account to run your business.

2. Keep personal and business emails separate.

3. Use your domain name for a custom business email account. For example on my business cards and which I have on my website but they all feed into the same inbox.

4. Don’t have your email forwarded to, for example, your @hotmail account as you will end up replying to clients from the wrong account- it doesn’t look professional and you will have emails in different places.

5. Use Outlook to manage your emails. Even Mac users can benefit from Outlook for Mac which has better functionality for business use than Mac Mail. If you are on an old version of Office upgrade to Office 2010 (anything older than Office2007 this has to be a priority).

6. My recommendation would be to use a service like Office365 rather than managing mailboxes through your webhost. It will be more reliable and easier to sync and backup your data. Office365 also gives you the option to pay for Office2010 monthly on subscription.

7. Many people end of using one system for their email and another for calendar and a third for contacts. This is messy and makes it hard to backup and sync your data. It’s best to think of your email, calendar and contact data together and set up a system that allows you to sync, backup and manage these all together.

Need some help getting your email in tip top shape? Why not book in for a free 15-minute IT audit and let Digital Dragonfly advise you on the best setup for your business needs.

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