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Emerson Mayes The Wary Hare

Sarah Wiseman Gallery presents new works by Emerson Mayes

Image: Emerson Mayes’ The Wary Hare Drypoint engraving (Courtesy of the Sarah Wiseman Gallery)


This month at Sarah Wiseman Gallery, we’ll be exhibiting new work by acclaimed landscape  artist Emerson Mayes. In his new series, Emerson has created a number of works using oil on paper, which gives a softened, luminous line filled with light and movement. Much of his work is the result of an honest, emotional response to his surroundings, and his deep connection with his native Yorkshire, where almost all of his work is created.

Although he is best known for his landscape paintings, Emerson Mayes spent the majority of 2011 concentrating on drawing, and honing his skills as a printmaker. He spent a year studying the abundant wild-life and changing seasons at Fountains Abbey, Yorkshire which was historically also inspiration for JMW Turner. The result was a stunning series of dry-point etchings of British wild-life, which we exhibited at Sarah Wiseman Gallery last year.

He graduated from Leeds University in 1994 and has worked consistently since then, exhibiting all over the UK. His can be found in both public and private collections. Click here for more details.


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