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Ludo Metamorphosis

High Roller Society presents LUDO (10 Sep – 7 Oct)

Drawn with the precision of botanical illustrations, Ludo’s sociological imagery and malevolent creatures are as elegant as they are fierce. Hailing from France, Ludo has been creating attention around industry-fueled consumer culture for over a decade. Seamlessly fusing nature’s wondrous species with its man-made destructive counterparts, these works intend to jolt us out of a longstanding collective denial: despite repeated natural disasters, we refuse to acknowledge our own fragile state. Ludo’s resulting quasi-mutant images so effortlessly evoke contemporary creative canons that they might almost go unnoticed, underscoring the impact of ‘commercial propaganda’ on both taste and decency.

For his first London solo exhibition, Ludo’s transmutations are an accumulation of new works spanning scultpure, drawing, and print.  This exhibition also heralds the international launch of a 72-page full colour book, OPUS #23, with an Introduction by Marc & Sara Schiller of Wooster Collective.  A limited 25 signed copies will be available for sale during the exhibition. Contact High Roller Society for more information.

High Roller Society

It has become apparent in this unstable economy that the omnipresent desire for personal happiness is really the ultimate goal.  With jobs on the line and few places to turn within the establishment to achieve such satisfaction, we are increasingly looking inward for the answers.

Creativity, in its many forms, seems to be the best method of survival as we ask ourselves, “What are we going to do now?”. Now, with our cards laid on the table and a refusal to be a victim of circumstances, High Roller Society is born.  As an artist-led, integrity-fuelled space, we are a true product of our environment, located in London’s progressive East End, but with sights set far and wide. High Roller Society is about taking risks. Derived from the streets, our name encompasses the DIY ethos of artists that live on their own terms. As a symbol of personal and creative liberation, the paint roller speaks of rolling high with extension poles to paint difficult places, to reach for the dream. Founded in 2010, High Roller Society has arisen against the odds to showcase street and contemporary artists with impact, who create art because their passion insists upon it, and who all demonstrate this proactive time.

“Speed of life, fast, It’s like walkin’ barefoot over broken glass, It’s like, jumpin’ rope on a razor blade, All lightning quick decisions are made” –ICE-T, High Rollers

To find out more go to High Roller Society

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