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Flaere Samuel-Beckett-&-the-woman-with-pink-gloves

Flaere Gallery features Margherita Lazzati’s ‘Mia Storia con Beckett’ a project set in London’s Notting Hill

Margherita Lazzati (b.1953, Milano) first saw Samuel Beckett in January 2007 on a Portobello wall; she followed him until his destruction in March 2010. For a full biography click here. To read more about Lazzati’s project click on ‘read more’ below.

Based in London and Paris, Flaere Gallery is a photography gallery specialising in limited edition 20th century and contemporary fine art photography. In a similar way to growing numbers of art dealers, we do not operate from a traditional gallery space but exhibit the work of our photographers through carefully curated pop-up shows and art fairs, raising the profile of photography as art. Flaere artists include Tim Hall, specialising in travel and landscape photography, with works that blur the lines between photography and painting; André Lichtenberg who through the Vertigo series has created an new appropach to architectural photography and Mexican photographer Pia Elizondo, who captures modern black and white photography with the elegance of a vintage print.

Image: Samuel Beckett and the woman with pink gloves -03/2007 (Courtesy of Flaere Gallery)

MIA STORIA CON BECKETT – Margheritta Lazzati

“This is a story that became the story of a life and a death, says Margherita. The second life and second death of a great man, Samuel Beckett. Captured by the intensity of the expression of the graffiti by Alex Martinez, I slowly became his ‘Godot’: he was there, on this wall, and I, at each visit in London, felt expected.

And at each new visit, I found his face slightly changed, practically corroded, as if the disregard of the busy area destroyed him. Until the point that he became a victim of other graffiti artists.The last time I met him, I remembered seeing a kind of graphical bruise at the corner of his eye announcing the final extinction of his intense gaze.”

For more images click here.

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