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VanDeb Editions at the New York Satellite Print Fair

VanDeb Editions is pleased to participate in the third annual New York Satellite Print Fair. The show brings together 17 dealers each with a strong commitment to presenting fine prints, drawings, and other works on paper during Print Week in October. The fair runs from Thursday October 24th – Sunday October 27th.
VanDeb Editions will be featuring New Editions by Nancy Azara and Emily Berger.

Adah Rose Bitterbaum Horizontal

Believing in Art: an interview with Adah Rose Bitterbaum, Founder of Adah Rose Gallery

Adah Rose Bitterbaum founded her eponymous gallery in 2011 with the intention of promoting artists living in the United States. She holds a BA in History from Pomona College and a Masters from the Harvard School of Public Health. Prior to establishing her brand, she was the Executive Director of Studio Gallery in Washington D.C., and was named a Juror for Emulsion, the East City Art Regional Juried Show, in 2015.

Based in the Metro D.C. area, Adah Rose Gallery is committed to showcasing artists from the local community and beyond through a programme of rotating exhibits and talks. The business showcases contemporary works from a variety of mediums, such as paintings, drawings, sculpture, installation, photography and mixed media. Keen to foster new relationships between emerging practitioners and new audiences, the business can arrange for both first-time buyers and seasoned collectors to visit artists’ studios in D.C., Los Angeles, and New York. 

The gallery hosts exhibitions, salons, soirees, Vernissages, music and literary events. The gallery hosts pop-ups in D.C., and regularly takes part in art fairs in New York, Miami, Dallas, and San Francisco. 

Services offered include curating and art consulting.

Stephanie Yeap spoke with Adah via video call between London and Washington D.C….

  1. 1. Describe your business in 5 words:

Contemporary art gallery outside D.C.! 

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Silk Road 455. 2019. 18x18

ODETTA presents Joanne Mattera’s From Dawn to Dusk & Steven Baris in the Flat Files

ODETTA is pleased to present From Dawn to Dusk – October 15 – November 16, 2019 at the 1st Dibs Gallery.

The exhibit intimates the course of light’s changes through a day in Joanne Mattera’s encaustic paintings, developed both from the artist’s imagination and from years of observing color in nature.

From morning’s first light, with traces of pinks and violets, into blues, greens, high noon’s purest yellows and reds, and receding into twilight’s violets and flashes of oranges with the sun’s final sizzle at the end of the day, we share an awareness of color’s ability to guide us through time. Read more

Kristin DeAngelis Landscape

Uniting Advocacy and Education: an interview with Kristin DeAngelis, Owner, Director and Curator of 107 Bowers Gallery & Artspace

Kristin DeAngelis is Owner, Director and Curator of 107 Bowers Gallery & Artspace, which was established in New Jersey in 2016. Prior to this, she spent 5 years curating shows and teaching children the fundamentals of visual art in the Metro New York area. Dedicated to nurturing pre-emerging talent, Kristin also hosts children’s art classes and promotes learning through inquiry. Alongside this, she is the Curator for Silverman Buildings in Jersey City. Kristin has an extensive background in marketing and sales, and previously completed multiple courses in Art Business, Art Education and Collections Management at the NYU School of Professional Studies.

Breaking away from the traditional gallery model, 107 Bowers Gallery & Artspace promotes participation in the arts and strives to empower practitioners of any age. The business represents a bold selection of contemporary artists, who practice in various mediums such as painting, ceramics, mixed media, photography, metal and interactive installations. Guided by the principles of advocacy, education, and outreach, the venture prides itself engaging artists, collectors, and members of the New York Metro community. 

Stephanie Yeap spoke with Kristin via video call between London and Jersey City…

1. Describe your business in 5 words: 

Art sales, art education, and art advocacy. These three pillars define every single thing I do, especially whenever I’m out representing the gallery, which is a lot of the time!

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Truth and Beauty Digital Gallery Presents An Exclusive Online Exhibition MEMOIRE INVOLONTAIRE Cindy Konits

Truth and Beauty Digital Gallery present an Exclusive online exhibition and Canadian Premiere MEMOIRE INVOLONTAIRE  Part III : Post – Cinema by Cindy Konits. It runs to 28 October 2019


The MEMOIRE INVOLONTAIRE project is a personal exploration of representation and memory in 8mm family film created in 1940 and interpreted in the digital age.

Cindy Konits –

 Through the gaze of a man operating an 8mm film camera long before my birth, I view both familiar and unknown adults interacting with each other and children in ways concerning but familiar. Slow motion playback of 1-hour-B&W and 1-hour-color film reveals detail such as large blue stripes in a wide ruffle sundress that bring to mind the blue couch next to a breezy open window where I sat, age 4, watching a black and white television with a man by my side – the filmmaker himself. Marcel Proust named this recognition of the past in the present moment Memoire Involontaire (In Search of Lost Time 1871-1922). Read more

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