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Kathryn Markel Fine Arts presents Laura Fayer’s Dream Logic

Kathryn Markel  pleased to present an exhibition of new paintings by Laura Fayer. This marks the artist’s third solo exhibition with Kathryn Markel Fine Arts.

Laura Fayer’s mixed media paintings in “Dream Logic” evoke an ephemeral natural world, poised in a delicate balance between dynamism and tranquility, movement and harmony. She uses handmade stencils and stamps to print patterns and lines onto very thin Japanese paper. This is then applied to the canvas in layers and painted over with acrylic medium, which causes the paper to dissolve into transparency. Only the printed marks remain, interspersed with rich swathes of acrylic paint. Throughout this process, the surface of the canvas undergoes constant changes, hundreds of micro-decisions, revisions, additions, and overlays, resulting in world of constant movement and change, where printed images float and weave among the painted washes of color.


Careful Foresters, new paintings by Ky Anderson at Kathryn Markel Fine Arts

Kathryn Markel is pleased to present Careful Foresters, a solo exhibition of new paintings by Ky Anderson. This marks the artist’s second solo exhibition with Kathryn Markel Fine Arts.

In “Careful Foresters” Ky Anderson channels the primitive origins of drawing with a serene palette and simple shapes, and she constructs compositions that are not quite symmetric, but beautifully balanced. Floating layers of color and texture evoke a sense of intuition and unplanned, instinctual mark making. Over time her process has evolved from a reliance on narrative reference and storytelling towards a more instinctual, abstract language of form. Painted overlays and textural patterns act as signs and signifiers, crafting constructions of painted language that form expressive and potent visual poetry.

The Exhibition is ongoing through November 30th.

Benton_Queen Mary_ 2003_monoprint with Chine collé_print size12 3-4 x 18_$1800

ODETTA presents Heavy Metal

ODETTA is pleased to present Heavy Metal featuring Linda Cunningham, Anne Marie Kenny and Suzanne Benton in the Flat File Feature. The exhibition, the last of the 2019 season, runs from November 19, 2019 – January 4, 2020. 

Durable and malleable, primary characteristics used to describe heavy metals, can also be applied to the most outstanding traits found in the three successful women artists featured in exhibition. All well versed in metal sculpture, printmaking, painting, and activism, the beauty of the finished works and conceptual structures is made evident by the trueness of their practice and the mastery of their hand.

There will be several events during Heavy Metal.

Meet the Artists

Thursday, November 21, 6-8 pm

Artist’s Talk

Saturday, November 23, 3-5 pm

The events are free and open to the public. The exhibition runs through Saturday, 12:00 Noon, January 4, 2020. 


Arteria Gallery to participate in AAF Singapore

Arteria Gallery is pleased to participate in AAF Singapore. It’s a great pleasure for them to head back to Singapore to showcase the new work of their artists. Singapore is starting to feel like home for the team, it will already be the 8th time for the gallery at this beautiful fair. 

Whether you are a seasoned collector, or a first time buyer, Affordable Art Fair Singapore is a great place to fall in love with hand-selected affordable art. Enjoy the relaxed and friendly atmosphere, packed programme of workshops, talks and tours, plus take time out at our delicious Gastro Park, café and bar to refresh and refuel to the special programming and events.

The Fair takes place November 21st to November 24th.


Juliet Martin – You Don’t Look Crazy at Ivy Brown Gallery

Ivy Brown invites you to glimpse the mind and explore the work of Juliet Martin in her first solo exhibition at Ivy Brown Gallery

“You Don’t Look Crazy” uses Juliet’s experiences with bipolar disorder to discuss greater issues surrounding mental illness. ‘I am a different person when I am depressed, manic, or anxious.’Juliet Martin makes her viewers see the message beyond the joke. Her satiric memoirs illustrate personal stories with playful forms, painful punchlines, and caustic visual one-liners. Why fiber? Weaving fabric physically and mentally attaches her to her canvas. Her process is surprisingly improvised. Decisions are made as the shuttle moves across the threads.

If you look in my eyes, they are taken over by moods. You cannot see me. I’m not there. – Juliet Martin

Tuesday, November 19, 6-8pm Artist talk with Juliet Martin on her current exhibit ‘You Don’t Look Crazy’

Exhibition Dates: October 29-November 29

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